2014 Registration Fees


Division Through December 31st 2014 Starts January 1st
T-Ball (ages 4-6) $60.00 $70.00

Starts 2/28/2014

Rookies (ages 7/8) $80.00 $95.00 Starts 2/28/2014
Minors (ages 9-11) $110.00 $130.00 Starts 2/8/2014
Majors (ages 10-12) $115.00 $135.00 Starts 2/8/2014
Intermediate Baseball
(age 13)
-- $125.00 --
Juniors (ages 13/14) -- $125.00 --
Seniors (ages 15/16) -- $125.00 --
Big League (ages 16-18) -- $125.00 --

Here are some of the things that your registration fees cover each season

<> Baseball/Softball Hat for each player <> Field Rental fees <> District 1 fees
<> Baseball/Softball Shirt for each player <> Madison Club House Utilities <> Little League International fees
<> Madison Field Maintenance <> Insurance fees
Raffle Ticket Fundraiser

In an effort to keep our registration fees as low as possible, South Everett Little League will be implementing a raffle ticket fundraiser this season.

Last season we implemented a Raffle ticket fund raiser which was very successful for the league. We netted around $8000.00; which had a significant impact by off-setting some of the costs for the capital improvements we made to the Madison field.

Each family will be required to purchase a minimum of 10 tickets this season. Each ticket cost $5 for a grand total of $50.00 per family, not per child. The raffle tickets will be distributed to each player or parent at your team's first parent meeting with your Manager.

There will be prizes for the players in baseball and softball who manage to sell the most tickets! Last year, the winning player from baseball and softball each received a brand new Composite bat valued at $250.00. There was also a prize for each team in baseball and softball that sold the most tickets. That prize was $150.00 for each winning team to use for a team party. Additionally, there will be a drawing of the raffle tickets for a grand-prize, 2nd place price and 3rd place prize at the annual auction night. We have not yet settled on the prizes for the raffle ticket drawing. However, last year's prizes were $1000.00 for the grand-prize, a 55inch flat screen TV for 2nd place, and a brand new I-Pad for 3rd place. You can expect this year's prizes to be comparable or better than last years.

Winners will be announced at the annual auction dinner night (date, time and location TBD). You do not need to be present to win!


$50.00 per family (Due at registration or at your first parent meeting with your Manager.)
note: If you pay at the time of registration, you will receive two extra raffle tickets for free!